Exotic White Tea Leaves from the Blue Mountains (25 Cups)​ – WORLD’S HEALTHIEST TEA TYPE – 100% Certified​ Pure White Tea Loose Leaf – Mellow & Delicious, RICH IN POWERFUL ANTI-OXIDANTS, 1.76oz

Nilgiri Glendale Snow White Winter Flush White Tea

A white tea with abundant anti-oxidants from the Glendale estate located in the blue mountain region, the Nilgiris, of southern India. Handpicked and manufactured from selected tea buds covered with white hair making it a specialty tea that is intensely aromatic and simultaneously mellow in flavor. Savour the rich, grassy taste with delightful floral notes. The leaves retain their delectable essence on repeated steeps. Glendale Snow White stays with you and eventually leaves a sweet note. At par with the finest, this comes highly recommended for a white tea connoisseur.


Based in India, VAHDAM is disrupting the traditional supply chain of tea. We procure garden fresh Darjeeling Teas direct from plantations within 24-48 Hours of harvest which are then immediately packaged to preserve freshness & flavor. All teas are shipped to consumers worldwide direct from our packaging factory at source in India. By cutting out all middlemen, we are able to make available the freshest quality tea at the best price, fastest. Plus, all our teas are certified to be 100% Pure by the Tea Board of India, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. Taste the Vahdam Difference & decide for yourself.


If you dont like the tea, we will issue a 100% MONEY-BACK REFUND IMMEDIATELY, no questions asked. So go ahead, SHOP TODAY without hesitationvadham white tea white tea set white tea cups white tea k cups
GLENDALE SNOW WHITE, SINGLE ESTATE, NILGIRI WHITE TEA LEAVES – Loose Leaf White Tea Harvested by Passionate Tea Workers just before Sunrise at the Mystical Blue Mountains of the Nilgiris in Southern India. A limited edition exquisite Indian white tea, manufactured on order for Vahdam Teas. The Finest of the Fine White Loose Leaf Tea,vadham
WORLD’S HEALTHIEST TEA TYPE – Unlike tailored made slimming tea white for weight loss,100% Natural Loose Leaf White Teas contains the Highest Amount of Anti-Oxidants, more then Green Tea, Black Tea or Oolong Tea and is naturally very healthy . Enjoy these loose tea leaves tea which is a Limited Edition White Loose Leaf Tea produced in small quantities and a very premium white loose tea.
ENRICHED FLORAL AROMA & DELICIOUS TASTE – Like the Himalayan White, This Nilgiri tea loose leaf also has a Unique Floral Taste with an Exquisite Aroma & Mellow aftertaste. Unlike white tea leaf extract, white tea bags, white tea extract, white tea republic of tea, white tea peach, white tea decaf, this is is a 100% loose white tea. The world’s most renowned white tea loose leaf.
DIRECT FROM SOURCE GARDEN FRESH – Vahdam Teas are sourced DIRECT from plantations & Door Delivered to Tea Lovers in 75+ Countries. 100% Pure Indian Tea, Grown, Packaged & Shipped Direct from source in India
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you don’t like this loose leaf tea white tea, we will issue a 100% REFUND Immediately. No questions asked about the white tea.SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

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