CHAGANJU- Uji Sencha Loose Leaf Green Tea, JAS Certified Organic, Japan, 80g Bag

~Enjoy the best quality of Japanese Greentea everyday~

  • “Reliable・Safety” is the big slogan of CHAGANJU
  • We would like all the people can enjoy safe greentea in their own country
  • We plant the tea with no pesticide and use organic method to make the best quality of greentea
  • To see more people like Uji green tea, enjoy it and this is CHAGANJU’s happiness
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  • 【Benefits of Japanese Green Tea】

  • Rich Antioxidants
  • With Catechin
  • Contains Bioactive Compounds -> Improve Health
  • Detoxify
  • Stay Calm of your mind and body
  • Increase Fat Burning
  • Kill Bacteria -> Lower risks of INFECTION
  • 100{982474295d15c4cd66cddc253d0434308f38b7e61e46995cbb3e7208d9e38b79} JAS Organic high grade Sencha
    Organic JAS, JONA and USDA approved
    Popular Daily and Healthy Drink in Japan
    Provide BEST HEALTH BENEFITS to your daily life

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