Elitea Prime Quality Chinese Teas

JIN JUN MEI (Golden Eyebrow) is an extremely famous black tea loose leaf from the Wuyi Mountains area in China
FRUITY AND FLORAL and BEAUTIFUL COLOR. This prime quality Jin Jun Mei black tea is medium-sized, bud-only pluck with a slight twist, having delight notes of rose and cocoa, lychee fruitiness and roasted prune. The infusion is deep red-amber liquor with copper edging. Its flavor remains on our throat and sweetness lingers for a long time.
WARM DRINKS FOR WINTER. The benefit of black tea for warming stomach is extraordinary. In cold winter days, it is better to drink warm teas with gentler taste. Take a cup of black tea. It will reduce the discomfort feelings in stomach.
PERFECT FOR COCKTAIL OR MOCKTAIL in cold holiday seasons with great tea base with fruity and floral note. Make you own English Rose Cocktail, English Christmas Punch, Hot Toddy, Beneath The Snow, and more.
2018 SPRING PLUCK. Caffeine Content:Medium. Shelf Life:18 months. Storage:Store in a cool,dry place,Reseal after use.

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