Tazo Cucumber White 20 Bags

Tazo All Natural Cucumber White Tea is a replenishing blend of delicate white tea, real cucumber and lime peel. Tazo All Natural Cucumber White Tea contains antioxidants within. Tazo is an enticing source of wonder, inspiration and antioxidants. Cool cucumber, refreshing peppermint, lime peel and all the blessed antioxidants in white tea unite their restorative powers in Tazo All Natural Cucumber White Tea. Sip by sip, you may feel a spreading calm as the tea replenishes your body and spirit. And if you find yourself smiling at nothing at all, you have reached the coveted peace of mind. Nice feeling, isn’t it? Louis XIV so loved the rejuvenating effect of cucumbers that he had his royal gardens filled with the gourd. And he ruled for seventy two well-hydrated years. Drink up.
Tazo Tea
Tazo Tea White Tea – Cucumber White 20 Bag(S)

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