Teabox Freshest Teas

SEALED-AT-SOURCE FRESHNESS: Our loose leaves are Vacuum Packed at source and cold stored at -5 degrees to guarantee you the freshest cup of tea possible.
EXQUISITE LOOSE LEAF TEA: The Rarest of White Teas, Delicate, Floral and Incredibly Velvety.
TEA PROFILE:The Darjeeling silver needle white tea is in a class of its own. It’s a tea to be tried, to fully understand and appreciate its nuances. Here, we have one of the finest silver needles from Darjeeling.
LIQUOR AROMA: Toasted Cereal, Woody. LIQUOR TASTE: The Liquor is Brisk and Smooth, with a Silky Mouthfeel Dominating the Cup. Sweet Notes of Toasted Cereal and Dried Flowers are Discernible at the End.
LIQUOR COMPLEMENTS: Food with Simple Flavors, Such as Light Sandwiches and Legumes

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